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November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday at 80sPurple

Get 25% off your purchase over at 80sPurple when you enter the code "nov30" - the code only works today and can't be applied to sale items. Still, I found a couple of things I'm considering. Like this Diesel step handbag ($79 with the discount):

Oh, and the Rubber Duck SnowJoggers I was lusting after are only $71 with the discount! Woo hoo!

Mod Cloth Dress Finds

I love this Spiced Cider Dress ($137.99) available from Mod Cloth - so very Mad Men.As the name suggests, this houndstooth-printed Cable Car Tour Dress ($47.99) begs it's wearer to take a cable car tour of San Francisco. While doing so, the folks at Mod Cloth suggest you pair the dress with "a big bangle, sweet headscarf, and soft flats." Sounds delightful.  
This flowy Featherweight Dress ($84.99) by Gentle Fawn - is simply sweet. 

This Blowing Bubbles Dress is both adorable and affordable ($64.99). The quartz-colored skirt features delicate embroidered and sequined bubbles. So sweet.

November 29, 2009

Skirting the Issue :: DIY Tree Skirt

I went shopping with a couple friends the other day and one mentioned that there was a tree skirt at Anthropologie that she was lusting after. She tried to rationalize spending the $178 on it by saying it would be an investment - that she would use it every year until the end of time. Sounds good, but may I suggest making your own tree skirt and passing it down to your kids so it gets used (and cherished) by generations to come? Designer Amy Butler has a free downloadable pattern for making your own tree skirt - now all you have to do is find some fabric (Amy Butler has some wonderful fabrics) and get to work!

November 28, 2009

I Got Big Planner Plans

Moleskine makes this totally covetable 2010 Daily Planner Box Set with an individual planner for each month of the year. They're mall enough to carry with you, yet provides plenty of room for writing down all your important social events. Love it!

Art Happens :: Sound of Music

Apparently, on March 23, 2009 more than 200 dancers performed during this rendition of "Do Re Mi" at Central Station in Antwerp. According to the YouTube video description, it was all part of a promotional stunt for a Belgian television program, where they were searching for someone to play the lead roll in The Sound of Music. At any rate, it made me smile. Enjoy.

Tile Tattoos

While I was looking at the free downloads available from Mibo, I discovered that the British design company also makes cushions, lamp shades, tea towels, wallpaper and something called tile tattoos. Turns out that tile tattoos are perfect for giving your kitchen or bathroom a makeover when you can't afford to re-tile (or if you rent). The heavy-duty stickers are impervious to water, easy to apply and apparently leave no residue behind when removed (although, I'm not sure how you would go about removing them). There's a wide selection of patterns and colors available at Wallies.

Free Finds :: Advent Calendar

The fine folks over at Mibo are offering a free, downloadable advent calendar and while I had every intention of making these for my friends, I'm running out of time and my X-Acto knife is duller than dull. That said, if you want one you can download the PDFs here.

There's also a free 2010 planner available for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

D.I.Y. Wreath, Part II

Ok, so here's the wreath I made. I ended up using 72 ornaments, spending $15 and it took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. 

November 27, 2009

D.I.Y. Wreath

If you're anything like me, when a CB2 catalog finds its way to your mailbox you pour over each page coveting all the lovely modern designs while simultaneously searching for inspiration. With this most recent edition, I found myself (along with some motivation provided by my equally crafty friend, neighbor and fellow blogger RainyDayRose) getting inspired to make a holiday wreath fashioned from ball ornaments (see above image, and back cover of recent CB2 catalog). 

Instead of spending the $3 to $5 per ornament for those available at CB2, we headed to Target and purchased boxes of 24 plastic ball ornaments for $5 each. We figured the plastic balls looked just as nice and would be far less prone to breaking. At any rate, the wreaths turned out wonderfully and were super easy to make. For instructions, visit the CB2 blog. Happy crafting!

November 25, 2009

Rave On!

{photo by C Davey Wilson}

Last month I flew down to L.A. to see my friend Joe (and Tegan & Sara at the Orpheum). While he was showing me the sights, his car stereo was playing the Raveonettes' fourth release, In and Out of Control. Since then, I've been listening to the Danish-duo's latest album nonstop. If you haven't heard it yet, I highly suggest you check out "Last Dance" and "Breaking Into Cars" - both brilliant tracks.

Boi Wonder

{SB purple Shines, $25}

{SB NewYorkZ glasses, $120}

{SB studded blazer jack, $205}

Baltimore-based designer Steven Strawder (aka Stevie Boi) uses leather, steel, silver and lace to create some truly one-of-a-kind pieces, including his "Super-Duper Fly" sunglass collection. His cutting-edge designs have attracted the likes of Rhianna and Kelis. It's all pretty wild - and the boy is only 20 years old.

November 24, 2009

Shock Me Like an Electric Heel

I love how the heel on these Olsen Haus wedges pops. Plus, they're on sale. Only a few sizes left...and mine happens to be one of them.

Feeder for Your Feathered Friends

I love the modern design and color selection of these J. Schatz Egg Bird Feeders (available from UpRiver Home for $135). Made from ceramic earthenware, the description boasts that it's "easy to use, durable and gray squirrel-proof." That's good, because my city has more than its fair share of those bushy-tailed critters.

Eco-Friendly iPhone Case

I recently dropped my iPhone and thanks to the less-than-attractive, but fairly protective rubber case it's in there was no damage. Whew! Well, I'm still thinking of upgrading to this super sexy iPhone shell case. Designed by the environmentally friendly Vers, the case comes in walnut (my personal favorite), cherry and bamboo. Plus, it's kind of nice knowing that Vers, which partners with the Arbor Day Foundation, plants 100 trees for every tree they use.

Rack 'Em

There's this blogger named Whitney Deal, of Darling Dexter, who has been documenting her wardrobe in a segment she calls "Daily Wear." At any rate, Deal always has the cutest shoes and more times than not they're from some place called Rack Room Shoes. So, like any good detective, I Googled the name, found the store, and quickly discovered that you can't purchase anything online. Bummer!!! Despite that all-too-disappointing fact, I couldn't resist the urge to look at the selection and now I want shoes I can't have. Sure, the store carries some brands available elsewhere, but not the ones I want. So, if anyone lives near one of these stores and wants to be my personal shopper, please let me know. I'll pay for the shipping! Oh, and I wear a size 9.

November 23, 2009

Thou Shalt Covet :: Chevy Chase Circa 1980

{"Seems Like Old Times," Chevy Chase - Photo by Mel Traxel, 1980}

I am so bummed that I was merely an infant when Chevy Chase was this sexy. That's all I have to say about that.

Pining After an Amy Pine Bag

Sacramento-based handbag designer Amy Pine makes fashionable purses from vintage fabrics, meaning if she runs out of the fabric you love, you're out of luck! The handbags are well-made (a friend of mine has one. Lucky girl!) and pretty reasonable priced. Totally covetable.

Apartment Therapy's Holiday Giveaway 2009

From now until December 18th, Apartment Therapy is giving away more than 100 awesome design prizes. Don't forget to enter to win all the cool items! I've got my eye on a couple things, including the Desk 51 by Blu Dot (which retails for $699) and the hand-painted winter tree with birds duvet cover by Urban Accent Decay (which is available on Etsy for $179). Good luck to everyone!

Making a List...Checking it Twice.

This year, why not help Santa and all his little helpers out by filling out a Christmas wish list? Designed by Delphine, these wish lists feature check boxes so you can let Santa know if you've been nice, very nice, naughty or very naughty. There's also ample room to list all your holiday addition, of course, to world peace, health, wealth, happiness and a ban on frivolous lawsuits. The cards are printed on recycled cover stock with soy-based cranberry red ink and come in a pack of six (with envelopes) for $12. Don't forget to sign your name!

November 22, 2009

Lacemaker Skirt

I spotted this Lacemaker skirt by Odille yesterday while doing some holiday shopping at Anthropologie and let me tell you, it is even more delectable in real life than it is on the internet. Too bad it's so pricey. 

Mike & Chris

I pretty much covet almost everything Mike & Chris designs - including these three items, all part of the Holiday '09 collection.

Taking Flight

I think pencil skirts are incredibly sexy and I enjoy origami cranes to no end. Hence, I love this silk-screened skirt by BeautyDesigned. If pencil skirts aren't for you, you can send them a piece of your own clothing to be silk screened. Nice!

Go Ahead, Hook Up

Fashioned from reclaimed rosewood, the MUCHroom Wall Hooks come in a set of three for $22. Designed by Adam Brackney (aka Workerman) the hooks were "inspired by mushrooms growing from the forest floor." Love how modern and minimalist they are!

November 21, 2009

Spell It Out :: Jonathan Adler Letter Pillows

Anyone who knows me knows about my love of all things Jonathan Adler. I have a few pieces in my collection and am ready to acquire some more. These hand-loomed wool pillows are at the top of my want list. They're available in four colors (see above) and in every letter of the alphabet. Now I just have to decide what I want to spell out. Oh, and come up with $98 for each letter! Ouch.

Crazy About Credenzas

{Bramin teak sideboard by H.W. Klein, 1960s}

{Arild sideboard by Nils Jonsson, 1960s, $935}
{Model 76 credenza by Arne Vodder for Sibast, 1957} 

{credenza by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nielsen}

One of my friends has been on the hunt for the perfect (yet still affordable) credenza for the better part of the last year. I woke up this morning determined to help her find it! Well, in the process I stumbled upon Deconet, an online marketplace for modern design - basically a dream come true. 

The site features more than 4000 totally covetable modern items - while the credenza gallery itself features more than 150 dreamy pieces. You can shop for items by designer, category, region or style. It appears that most of the sellers are based in Europe, but hopefully that will change with time. 

November 20, 2009

Art Happens :: Yokoo

I'm not sure what I like more, this Oatmeal Soopascarf by Yokoo or the photograph touting the scarf! Looks so cozy.

Cold Comforts

It's getting cold here in least, cold by our standards. Time to bust out all the winter-weather gear and maybe even invest in some new pieces like the Hold Me-Neckwarmer by Etsy seller LoveandKnit. Fashioned from high-quality yarn, the neckwarmer is available in red, black and, my personal favorite, sand. I heart this.

November 19, 2009

Art Happens :: Ben Jarvis

{photo by Sam from Stereographic}

British silkscreen artist Ben Javens (part of Unseen Agency) has some wonderful screen prints available to purchase on his blog. One of his works (not for sale on his site - bummer) features the first four stanzas of my favorite Emily Dickinson poem, "Hope." Javens also makes totes, pillows, T-shirts and buttons. I want them all!

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