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November 5, 2009

Art Happens :: Bows & Sparrows Business Cards

Ok, readers. I really needs your help. I've worked out a few potential designs for some business cards I'm making. I've asked all my friends and they seem to be pretty evenly spread out among these three designs. I'd love to hear what my readers think. So, if you're feeling inspired, leave me a comment with the letter of the design you like and maybe a few words about why. Thanks, guys!

Oh, here's a link to the PDF version - so you can see them better.


simon lamb said...

I think C is the nicest one. very good well done GOLD STAR ***

Bows and Sparrows said...

Thanks, Simon. The sad part is that I just learned the letterpress class got cancelled. Bummer, huh?

galfridaydesign said...

What!?! It got canceled? That sucks.

Well, if they reschedule I'm totally joining the party. :)

JeannieLee said...

I like A and C. love it!

rainy day rose said...

even though if the class is cancelled this vote is pointless..

Bows and Sparrows said...

I wouldn't say the vote is pointless just because the class was cancelled.

kitty said...

My fave layout is B, but I really like C because it has a sparrow w/ a bow.

No matter what you pick, it will be lovely!

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