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November 24, 2009

Rack 'Em

There's this blogger named Whitney Deal, of Darling Dexter, who has been documenting her wardrobe in a segment she calls "Daily Wear." At any rate, Deal always has the cutest shoes and more times than not they're from some place called Rack Room Shoes. So, like any good detective, I Googled the name, found the store, and quickly discovered that you can't purchase anything online. Bummer!!! Despite that all-too-disappointing fact, I couldn't resist the urge to look at the selection and now I want shoes I can't have. Sure, the store carries some brands available elsewhere, but not the ones I want. So, if anyone lives near one of these stores and wants to be my personal shopper, please let me know. I'll pay for the shipping! Oh, and I wear a size 9.


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