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October 25, 2010

Underpinnings & Other Lovely Things

{silk satin cat sleep mask by Naomi Lingerie}
I am seriously in love with the delicate underpinnings and sleep masks created by the ever-so-adorable Japanese designer Naomi (couldn't track down her last name). At any rate, they have a very roaring '20s feel to them and I would like nothing more than to stock my entire lingerie collection with them...unfortunately, the $35-$40 price range is too steep for my wallet. Of course, the sleep masks are only $18 and the silk satin cat sleep mask would surely give new meaning to taking a cat nap. Check out the Naomi Lingerie shop & the blog for more info. In the mean time, below are just a few of my favorite pieces from the collection. Swoon.

{striped chiffon sleep boxer - sakuranbo by Naomi Lingerie
{boudoir stripes sleep eye mask by Naomi Lingerie} 
{dots voile flower sleep boxer by Naomi Lingerie}
{white chiffon sleep boxer by Naomi Lingerie}


Alexia said...

I now know what my husband-to-be will be taking off me on our wedding night...

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