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August 23, 2010

Tea Party

{me & the ladies enjoying tea at crown & crumpet}
Yesterday, me and five of my lovely friends got dolled up and headed to San Francisco for an afternoon at Crown & Crumpet, an adorable little tea room located in Ghirardelli Square. The weather was perfect, the company was impeccable, and the atmosphere and decor at Crown & Crumpet was perfection! Pre-tea, we poked around in the little gift shop, which was chock-full of imported British treats and covetable creations by Etsy sellers. Two highlights were this "Let them eat cake" poster by BluLima and these crochet dream catchers by Pretty Little Things. The shop also had British candies, various Crown & Crumpet swag and an assortment of other tea-related gifts and souvenirs. 

In honor of the event, me & the ladies sported crowns that we had fashioned for one another - each crown was uniquely its own, reflecting both the creator and the recipient. Darcey made mine, which featured two blue sparrows above a sea of white swirls - too cute! 

On to the food: everything on the menu looked amazing, but we opted for two orders of the "tea for three," which came with an assortment of sandwiches, house-made scones (served warm with clotted cream & lemon curd - yum!), toasted crumpets, various sweets and several large pots of tea. Everything was delicious - especially the Fig de Blanc tea, a delicate white tea with hints of fig. 

All-in-all, it was the perfect day...and if you get the chance, I highly suggest you visit Crown & Crumpet.

{the ever-so-stylish jasmine patiently waits for our tea to begin} 
{darcey & me killing time in the gift shop with a pre-tea photo shoot}
{sarah & darcey - looking lovely, as always}
{a little seating area in the far back corner - too cute!}
{can you say, "three tiers of delicious?!!}
{darcey sampling a mini cupcake}
{me sporting the amazing crown darcey made for me}
{the crown & crumpet entrance)

{why yes, yes that cozy fire is actually a flat-screen television}
{the ladies: me, darcey, erin, jasmine & rosemary}


Anonymous said...

looks like you girls had a blast! hooray for the sunshiney day:)

meredith cheng - munaluna said...

I've been wanted to have tea with friends - I think this will be my first place to go :)

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