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August 5, 2010

Just In Lace

{image from American Apparel}
I am totally coveting this El Salvador Lace Tee by American Apparel, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure in 10 years I will look back at photos of myself wearing it and think: "I should have known better! For God's sake, I went to Junior High in the early '90s!" Alas, the urge to own it might overcome any hesitancy I may have. 

{image from American Apparel}


Beth Dotolo said...

You're probably right... but, I can't believe this is from American Apparel! I say... go for it!

lu said...

haha, nooo i dont think thats true.. unless you wear it with american apparel pants. [i dont really understand aa] with some modern pants i think you'll love it even looking back :)


ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Yeah its nice... go for it!

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