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April 16, 2010

My New 'Do

Today, despite feeling a bit under the weather, I went to get my hair did...because, when you have a hair appointment you can't just go flaking on it. I mean, the sanity of a lady depends on it. Marci did a fabulous job, as always (thanks, lady!). And, of course, after you get your hair did, you have to go out and show the world, right? So, off to Roseville I went with my ladies. We hit up Anthropologie, where I spotted this gorgeous hunk of leather.

I'm telling you, the Backlit Bag was really was a thing of beauty, but the price tag was a little too steep for me. Off to F21 and Urban we went, where I scored lots of good finds (for instance, these) for more reasonable prices. At any rate, now I'm beat and I'm going to eat some food and hit the sack. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


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