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April 9, 2010

The Bartell's River Park Home

{Wedding photos by Don Button}

Back in March of 2006, Veronica and Jeff Bartell went in on a duplex with Jeff's brother and his wife (the other Bartells). Since then, Veronica & Jeff have transformed their 1000-square-foot portion of the duplex into a comfortable and stylish home. Veronica, who you can learn more about here, was kind enough to give us a peak inside her lovely home. Enjoy!

How much has your home changed since you moved in? Well, we haven't taken down any walls necessarily, but have done a lot in terms of a makeover. When we moved in there was nasty wallpaper and filthy carpet everywhere, a very out-of-date kitchen and a swamp in the backyard, to name a few things.
Describe your style. Accessibly modern (as opposed to the modern I love but I can't afford).

Where do you look for inspiration? My creative friends' homes, magazines. But mostly, I know it when I see it. My husband and I usually start with a piece or two for whatever room we're working on and build around that.

What friends say about your place...People say it's cozy, stylish. We get a lot of comments on the cleanliness, which makes me beam. If nothing else, I want my home to feel clean when people come over!

Biggest indulgence...Our new roof? Honestly, most of what we own has been very reasonably priced. Even the recess cans we put in the living room and kitchen were a steal because an electrical-savvy friend helped us install them.

Biggest challenge...Definitely the kitchen. We took it on with a tiny budget ($2000) and totally transformed it. We laid tile for the first time and were so happy with the results, and created a pantry out of the shelving that held a tiny oven (separate from the range).

{Dresser built by Jeff Bartell}

Proudest DIY project...We are definitely proud of our kitchen, but I am so proud of the furniture my husband has built: our dresser and nightstands, my workbench, our backyard fence and our garage cabinets. I love owning one-of-a-kind items that were built with his own hands.

DIY project you're currently working on...The baby's room! It's not done yet, but we've laid the groundwork. We emptied the room, built the furniture and painted. We're going for a vintage-robot theme, so we've got cogs painted on the walls and are beginning our search of the perfect robots. We're trying to pace ourselves in anticipation of a lot of gifts with nowhere to store them!

Favorite resources: Apartment Therapy, ohdeedoh, IKEA, Target.

More photos on the Bows & Sparrows Facebook page.


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