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April 2, 2010

It's A Pigeon Thing

{Image from Pigeon Toe Ceramics}

I decided to take today off from work, instead opting to partake in some much-needed retail therapy. So, I grabbed one of my furloughed friends and my mom, and headed to 4th Street in Berkeley. That's where I discovered the work of Pigeon Toe Ceramics, a Portland-based company founded in 2009 by Lisa Jones. The above Apartment Feeder is just one of the studio's totally covetable pieces. It's a tad smaller than their Disc Birdfeeder, and is intended for those with limited patio space - hence the name. The coolest part of Pigeon Toe Ceramics is that each item is handmade to order - not mass produced - so each piece is uniquely its own. Love it!


Lisa - papergrace said...

4th street is the BEST!! I go as often as I can. Hope you had a great time. :)

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