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June 16, 2010

Horse Power

{romfh ladies dressage show coat from Equestrian Collections}

I'm going to go ahead and predict that the next big trend (after this whole sailor thing blows over) will be equestrian wear. I'm not really basing my prediction on anything - save a dream I had last night. See, I was cruising the countryside on an all-white horse, dressed in a tailored coat, breeches and riding boots. At any rate, when equestrian wear becomes popular in the near future, you can say you heard about it here first!


Michelle said...

ha ha I wouldn't mind equestrian fashion! I love boots, can't go wrong there!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Darn, I wish I knew that on Sunday. I was at a garage sale where they were selling a brand spanking new riding, hat, pants. I could have started wearing it and told people I was doing so on your advice :)

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