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June 19, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

I suppose it's consider "in bad form" to be a braggart, but after the day I've had I simply can't resist - sorry. Oh, and I totally understand if you want to stop reading right now, but if you're intrigued, please continue on.

It all started bright and early this morning, when Darcey (aka Gal Friday) and I hit the road for San Francisco to take our first letterpress class. The class was taught by the ever-so-talented Jordan Ferney (of Oh Happy Day!), and was held in the studio she shares with her artist husband, Paul Ferney. Jordan was super sweet and did a great job giving us a truncated history of the letterpress as well as showing us her first letterpress attempt (which really wasn't that embarrassing). Then, she gave us all a play-by-play of how to use a letterpress before setting us off to give it a whirl. I love, love, loved the class - and now I have 250 Bows and Sparrows business cards that I designed and printed myself. Yay!

Jordan was gracious enough to permit me to snap away during class - and, being the shutterbug that I am, that's just what I did. Here are just some of the many photos I took:

{Jordan's letterpress, a Vandercook 4}

{Darcey takes the helm}

{My turn to give it a whirl - by the way, I totally made that apron from pillowcases about 10 years ago.}

{Jordan's corner of the studio}

{Close up of Jordan's inspiration board}

Ok, so you probably think that the letterpress class was all I had to brag about, but wait, there's more! Darcey and I also got to see our friend Brian, who joined us for some coffee at Ritual and a little shopping in the Mission - where I scored these awesome arrow earrings! Yup, still bragging.

At any rate, we said our goodbyes to Brian and headed off to 4th Street in Berkeley to meet my lovely friend Jasmine (see below).

{Jasmine and me, pre churros}

See, here we are together, right before we ate some delicious churros. I have pictures of us eating the churros, but found them to be a little too suggestive - if you catch my drift.

Think I'm done bragging? Not even close! Next, I get a phone call from a little lady by the name of Vanya, who happens to be one of my favorite people, ever. At any rate, she is on 4th Street coming to find us, and she does. Thus rounding out the: Best. Day. Ever.

{Jasmine, Vanya and me - I seriously love these ladies}


KarinSf said...

So cool to have a play by play of your best day ever!
Wonderful pictures Erin : )

Takara Gallery said...

Great pictures!
i m interested in "letterpress".
its soo cool and i like it.
i should read "Art Happens :: Letterpress Classes

Anne Keane said...

love this post - looks like it was so much fun. bragging well done - I am jealous!

Liz said...

Fun! You and your friends are so cute.

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