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February 1, 2010

Light As A Feather

This past weekend, I visited some friends in the East Bay (as I so often do) and we decided to do some shopping at 4th Street in Berkeley (as we so often do). That's where I spotted, and subsequently started coveting, the On-A-Wing Blouse by Byron Lars Beauty Mark. The blouse is delicate and feminine with a cowl neck, embroidered feather detailing and side button closure. It's available at Anthropologie...but at $148 it's a bit too spendy for my tastes. Still, I can appreciate its beauty.


Unknown said...

I was in SF this weekend and tried on said blouse. I too was coveting it from afar, but after 20 minutes in the dressing room trying to button all those buttons only to realize the neckline wasn't flattering on me- I was happy to have saved myself the $150. But it is so pretty!

Bows and Sparrows said...

You are a brave soul! I didn't even dare to try it on - what would I have done if it actually looked great?!! Best not to temp myself like that.

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