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February 27, 2010

For Love and Flory

I can look at photo albums for hours upon end - even when I have no clue who the people in the photos are. Yes, I'm a self-professed voyeur. At any rate, this holds especially true when the photos are inspired and original. So, when I discovered the Bay Area photography team Joel and Cara Flory, I was immediately sucked into their website's galleries...for hours - no joke. The photographs capture an energy that makes me wish I was standing on the sidelines watching the happiness unfold. Enough talk, their pictures tell a thousand words.


Liz said...

Oh how funny! I love the Flory's, they photographed my best friends wedding :) (Ashley & Jordan). This was my favorite photo from the day;

Bows and Sparrows said...

Thanks for sharing, Liz.

P.S. You & your man are adorable.

tiffany rounds said...

LOVE the orange vespa! what great photos! :)

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