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February 22, 2010

Darcey & Dan's Curtis Park Home

My friend Darcey and her husband Dan recently moved into a fabulous home in the Curtis Park area of Sacramento. After two months of begging for an invite, Darcey finally decided to host a brunch for all her girlfriends. Little did she know that I was going to turn a harmless Sunday brunch into a blogging affair! Anyway, here's a little bit about Darcey's decorating style and where she gets her inspiration from. Special thanks to Veronica for taking the photos.

{The lovely hostess, Darcey}

{D is for Darcey}

{Did I mention the house has a pool? Guess where I'll be this summer!}

{I heart this House Industries print}

{Ladies who brunch}

My style could be described as...eclectic. I like to mix new IKEA stuff with Danish Modern pieces and I'm a big fan of flea markets and yard sales. My Mom and I, that's our hobby. Weekends, summer break we are always on the look out for a good yard sale or flea market.

Where do you look for inspiration? Well, Bows & Sparrows always inspires me [Thanks, Darcey!], magazines (R.I.P Domino and Blueprint) and my uber-stylish friends.

What my friends say...Yesterday was the official unveiling with the "Ladies Who Brunch" and there were a lot of ohhhs and ahhhs and a few girlish screams when it came to the gigantic walk-in closet.

My biggest indulgence thus far has first official "grown up" couch. Just waiting for them to deliver it.

My biggest challenge was...filling the space. We moved from a much smaller house so I was breaking out stuff from the garage that hadn't seen the light of day in years. Somehow it managed to work.

Where I go to find the good is...the Alameda Point Flea Market (it takes hours to get through it but it is soooo worth it) and the Sacramento Antique Faire.

More photos on the Bows & Sparrows Facebook page.


Chelsey said...

Fantastic! and the house gets beautiful light too! (of course something I would notice ;) haha)

Lesley Miller said...

Wow-- this is such a fun post! I love Darcey's style. Thanks for the pics.

Madeleine said...

The house is beautiful, and it also helps that it's so clearly filled with love.

Nicole said...

A-Mazing! I love this! Also, I have the same apron Darcy is wearing from Anthro- so cute! I feel like you should send these photos to Design Sponge.

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