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October 30, 2009

Thou Shalt Covet :: Bicycling

I'm not a cyclist, but I have a friend across the pond (Hi, Simon) who has increased my appreciation for the sport. Plus, the local news has been promoting the auction of several of Lance Armstrong's bicycles, including one that he used during part of last year's AMGEN Tour of California. Inspired by these two factors, here are a few cycle-related items that are covetable, even for those of us who don't ride for sport.

Rem lamp, Christian Vivanco
Industrial designer Christian Vivanco's philosophy is that "objects exist not only to satisfy necessities, but also to create sparks within the soul of those who observe them, of those who use them and enjoy them." Well, the Rem lamp is a perfect combination of form and function, and it has certainly sparked something in my soul. Plus, it's powder blue and brown, one of my favorite color combos.

Waxed Cotton Cap, Outlier
My friend Simon tipped me off on this item. He thinks $60 is a little spendy for this cap, but I totally think it's worth it. The hats are double lined and made of water resistant waxed cotton fabric, meaning your head is protected from wind and rain. Plus, just look how hot the guy in the photo looks in this hat. In fact, I'll take the guy and the hat!

Amsterdam Classic, Electra
I love, love, love this bike. I actually have last year's edition in red. Oh, and I added a basket, bell and cup holder to mine.


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