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October 28, 2009

Thou Shalt Covet :: Birds

I've been told before that my obsession with birds might be getting a tad out of hand. To those folks I reply, "Nonsense!" And, just to spite them I've decided to dedicate this post to some of the bird-themed Etsy finds that I still covet.

Tropical Feather Earrings, otterbody
These earrings have already sold, but lucky for me their maker is a friend of mine. If you want a pair you better visit her store often because these babies fly (hee hee) off the shelves!

Birds Sitting on a Powerline, DaliDecals
As a renter I appreciate the power of the decal. My landlords have given me permission to paint my walls, so long as I paint them the boring shade of beige that they deem acceptable. Enter the decal, the perfect way to spice up the walls of any apartment!

A colorful screen print of a peacock feather on a vintage locket - perfection!

I've had a thing for Amy Ruppel's art since I first stumbled upon her online auctions a few years back - purchasing two of her wax paintings for my home. When she did the in-store art for Target, I fell further into love with her work. This signed and numbered print is part of a limited-edition run of just 40 - and I love it.

So Very Happy, dazeychic
This 8x10 print titled "So Very Happy" features a little bird that just, well, makes me very happy. Plus, this version is blue with red type - one of my favorite color combos. It's a win win for me!


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