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September 21, 2010

Tim & Tanya's Fixer-Upper Turned Dream Home

{table from Crate and Barrel outlet, lamp from IKEA}
When Tim and Tanya purchased their South Land Park home two years ago, they knew full well that transforming the quaint little fixer-upper into their dream home was going to be a huge undertaking. Still, they were up for the challenge and after a lot of hard work, some tough decisions and many gallons of paint the couple has nearly completed their modern, yet cozy home. I say nearly because the backyard is still a work in progress. After some gentle prodding, Tanya agreed to let B&S snap some photos of her lovely home - minus the yard. Hope you enjoy the tour!

How much has your home changed since you moved in? Completely. We added central heat and air, new windows, all new electrical, new doors, refinished floors, remodeled kitchen, remodeled bathroom, new plumbing, appliances and new furniture.

Describe your style. Modern, comfortable, practical, with a little bit of sentiment sprinkled on top.

{a collection of photos & prints are the "little bit of sentiment sprinkled on top"}
Where do you look for inspiration? Everywhere! Modern style magazines, retail displays, catalogs and anything else that strikes me.

What do your friends say about your place? "It's so clean."

{the kitchen - love the cork flooring!}
{custom cabinets by California Interiors}

{backsplash by 3form is made of Ecoresin, which is a recycled resin}

{chairs from Target, coffee table from West Elm, sofa from Scandinavian Designs}

Biggest indulgence...Leather couch from Scandinavian Designs and all new appliances.

Biggest challenge...Right now it's our yard!

{Tanya's proudest DIY project is the headboard above, which she constructed out of wood left over from other home-improvement projects. The headboard features built-in lights - can you say awesome?!}
Proudest DIY project...The headboard in the guest bedroom is made out of scrap wood from various projects. It's also backlit and has a switch to turn the light off and on built right in.

DIY project you're currently working on? Probably some pillows from scrap material. But, after the remodel, we had enough DIY to tide us over for quite awhile.

{while they didn't completely gut the bathroom during the remodel, it did get quite a makeover}
Favorite resources: Scandinavian Designs, Target, Ikea, Crate and Barrel, and West Elm.

{I love the bird print in the master bedroom, which Tanya scored at a second-hand store}

More photos on the Bows & Sparrows Facebook page.


Blackbird Fly said...

Oh wow I am in love. That kitchen is gorgeous. I couldn't agree more, the cork floors look amazing. and I love the dark cabinetry. Thanks so much for sharing!

-Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

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Such a fantastic tour!

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