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September 21, 2010

Shelf Life

{all images from Knife & Saw}
Bay Area-based designer Chris Brigham, the brains behind Knife & Saw, has created a solution for indoor bike storage or, as he calls it, "elegant bike management." Brigham's "bike shelf" - which is what he's calling it until he comes up with something more clever- is fashioned from solid wood (walnut or ash) and a steel rod mount. The sleek shelf provides a means for storing (and displaying) your bike and whatever else you want to place on the shelf (flowers, books, your helmet...the sky is the limit). The shelf is designed to hold most frames, but you can check out the specs just to make sure.


thezenofmaking said...

Now, THIS is what my husband can do with all of those extra track bikes he brings home. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

This is awesome :) I love looking at design ideas, even when I can't afford them! SOFUN <3.

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