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January 3, 2010

Get a Leg(ging) Up

I have to admit that when leggings became popular last year I was not a fan. I mean, I sported lace-hemmed leggings from Wet Seal back in 7th grade - and photos of mean wearing them are not pretty. Of course, my curly hair was more of a rat's nest and my blazer with shoulder pads certainly didn't help the situation. Well, I have finally come around and am now an advocate for leggings - especially during these colder months. This denim pair available at AKIRA are only $14 and totally covetable.  


amy is the party said...
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amy is the party said...

So I wasn't the only one sporting a blazer (with shoulder pads) in the 7th grade! I'm actually wearing one in my 7th grade photo with a jumpsuit underneath (with stirrups) and some paperclip earrings that I made myself. Too funny.

I'm coming around to the repeat leggings trend myself. Love that denim pair!

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