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January 7, 2010

Flora, Finally

As the owner of one plant-eating cat, I have been living (sadly) without plants in my apartment for more than a year. I'll be honest, 2009 was kind of a shitty year and I blame that partially on my lack of flora. Then, my dear friend surprises me with a beautiful terrarium - complete with antique bunny figurines. Problem solved! Plants in my apartment and all Oliver can do is stare at them and drool.

Now that I've discovered the brilliance of the terrarium, I plan to stock my apartment full of them. Etsy seller TortoiseLovesDonkey has some adorable mini terrariums for next to nothing. So cute! She also sells a three-month air plant subscription, where she ships three air plants to you every month for three months. Love it!
If you're interested in assembling your own terrarium, ReadyMade offers some simple instructions.


Mercie said...

these are adorable! i love them! i may need to get a few...

p.s. i hope 2010 is a better year for you :)

galfridaydesign said...

I love, love, love the terrarium in your house. I feel you should capture it's beauty in a photo and post it for all to see. :)

Amberly @ Sweethead Accessories said...

Precious terraniums!

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