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December 15, 2009

Meet The Butler

I've long had a love-hate relationship with dry erase boards. I mean, they're so useful and yet almost always so utterly unattractive. Then there's the small matter of the white board growing increasingly dingy with use. Still, almost every person I know has owned one at some point in their lives. It seems most of my friends have tossed their boards, instead opting to take pen to paper when compiling grocery or to-do lists. Well, thanks to the designers at Three By Three Seattle, that may soon change. They've fashioned a dry erase board out of bamboo, and it's simply lovely. They have a basic bamboo board and they also have the "Entry Butler," which features three rear compartments, two metal hooks (for hanging keys, etc) and the dry erase front. Plus, it's only $20. I heart it!


Jen :) said...

This is a lovely item. Much easier on the eyes and would blend much easier with my home decor. Very nice!

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