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December 24, 2009

Art Happens :: Keetra Dean Dixon

A couple of years ago, I went to hear artist Keetra Dean Dixon speak about her work. She has created various designs that have piqued my interest, but perhaps my favorite is her "tiny public plaques" project, in which she places little plaques in public places where you wouldn't expect to find them - think trash cans, bus stops, ATMs, pay phones (wait, they still make those?). The plaques feature uplifting inscriptions such as: "everything will be ok," "close your eyes & make a wish" and "pssst you are lovely." Dixon had three goals for the project: to instill wonder in daily routine, to bring surprise and delight to those who stumbled upon the plaques and to encourage "an attentive community." I only wish I could stumble upon one. 


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