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November 16, 2009

Love Spat

My friend, Erin, recently turned me onto the idea of spats. As a longtime fan of scarves, fingerless gloves and legwarmers I'm surprised it's taken me this long to discover my love of spats. Etsy seller StraightRazorSlasher offers basic black and brown spats in brushed twill as well as skulls and stripes fore the more adventurous. Another Etsy seller by the name Rudman sells spats with a Victorian flair - think lace, ruffles and vintage buttons. Still, my favorite pair are the ones pictured above. Fashioned by Fabulize, from a deep blue denim with decorative swirl tucked corduroy and lace backing, these Midnight Tuck Spats can spice up your heels and keep your ankles warm! Buy them for me here!


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